What does «home» mean to you: Socio-cultural research in Russia

The team of the ANO «Environment Design and Sustainable Development» is conducting a study of the concept of “home». Anyone can take part in it.

Что для вас значит “дом”: социокультурное исследование в России

Experts in the field of architecture and design decided to figure out what a modern person puts into the concept of «home». What makes a home a home, how the living space is formed, what emotions it fills you with, what makes up the coziness and comfort — you will answer these and other questions to yourself during the survey. And you can receive the results of a large-scale study by e-mail after the completion of the work.

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Что для вас значит “дом”: социокультурное исследование в России

Because of the pandemic, the functions of housing have expanded — whole offices have settled here, people began to spend at home not only their free time, but also almost whole days. Therefore, the study will help to rethink many ingrained ideas about the house and form new modern principles.

Что для вас значит “дом”: социокультурное исследование в России

In addition, the authors mean by «home» not only the actual dwelling, but also the concept in relation to the homeland or cities where a person lives most of his life.

“Our attention will also be focused on the quality of the environment — both natural and architectural. In addition to the actual surroundings of the houses, we are interested in elusive ephemeral concepts related to culture and the factors influencing its development and changes within it. Turning to cultural studies, we want to immerse ourselves in the issues of home practices, familiar to residents and able to tell about the meaning of the house sometimes even more than the study of its material shell”» says the team of ANO «Environment Design and Sustainable Development».

Что для вас значит “дом”: социокультурное исследование в России

The results of the study will help to improve the culture of everyday life and better understand modern household management, as well as improve the legislative framework in the field of comfort and living standards.

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